I am the sole owner and operator, meaning that I’m the person you speak to when you plan your wedding reception and the person who MCs and DJs your wedding.

I only perform weddings, that’s my specialty, although of course I have djed all sorts of functions over the past 25 years including night clubs in Las Vegas and San Francisco, but I found my passion in weddings so I no longer do 21st, karaoke shows or hire out equipment.

I have 800 weddings under my belt ….. so far. I believe whole heartedly in quality not quantity and because of this, I only commit to 40 weddings a year and only 1 per week to give you the personal attention you deserve.

Please note: I pride myself on dedicating my time to your wedding. The way I do this is by limiting myself to only 24 weddings a year and only 1 per week.