Once your guests are up and moving, everything gets fun.

If your guests do not feel included or welcome at your wedding reception, they will not be engaged and they will not have nearly as much fun.  They end up being a spectator instead of a participant. Simply choosing some music that they like goes a long way to making guests feel like they are meant to be here.

If you do not get your guests feeling they are meant to be here or moving somehow, they will sit like lumps all night and probably end up leaving early. Physical movement engages your guests and gets them actively having fun. Entertainers have known this secret for years; that is why so many of them rely on the Nutbush and the YMCA to get the party started.

Music and Memories. 


Music at a wedding reception is an incredibly powerful way to involve your guests. It  So how can you engage your guests emotionally with music?

Have you ever heard a song and immediately started laughing as you relived a funny memory. Or a song that brings you back to the time when you fell in love?

If you do not take advantage of the powerful effect, music has on engaging your guests; you may miss an easy way to make your wedding totally you.

If you do use music to involve your guests, it will make your dream wedding unforgettable.935153_10151967037196966_1083894386_n

Your guests will reminisce and feel the music as they dance to it. All of a sudden, they are celebrating with you not just dancing to a song, there is a difference.

It’s a little bit of work that will go a long way at the wedding reception. Take a moment to think about the people coming to your wedding. What songs and artists might they want? What activities do they enjoy?

If you want your guests to have the best time possible, it might be a good idea to include a few of their favourite songs. At a recent wedding, the bride hated the YMCA.

But her Uncle Harry got so excited to do the YMCA at every wedding that she asked me to play it, just for him. Her Uncle Harry got up and jumped around; waving his arms as he [mis]spelled the words. The bride and her guests were hysterical. It ended up being one of the highlights of the party. I’m not suggesting that you must play the Chicken Dance just because your guests want it. Just take a moment to consider what you guests like and throw them a bone now and then.

You don’t have to use these types of participation methods. There is a whole range of techniques from highly interactive to subtle approaches,  some of them don’t have to include dancing.

Booking a wedding DJ with many years of experience and training will go a long way to help you create something wonderful.


Here are some great places to include those special songs in your wedding day:

Your processional down the aisle. Unless you have a strict church ceremony, you aren’t limited to “The Wedding March” or

the “Canon in D.” Any love song or instrumental can take your emotions to the next level.

  • Your parent dances. If there is a song your father always sang to you, use it for your parent dance. You don’t have to use

a “traditional” Father-Daughter song. A personal choice makes it extra special for both you and your guests especially if you have your master of ceremonies explains the meaning behind it.

  • Your introduction music. Your introduction music can be anything from Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” to James Brown’s “I Feel Good.” Pick a song that makes a statement about your personality and makes you feel awesome, setting the tone for your whole reception.