Let me tell you some  facts the industry would prefer you didn’t know.

What follows is not meant to shock or alarm you. It is meant to inform you and help you avoid situations which until now you are unaware of.

The  evening reception has  a number of challenges, especially from a logistical and entertainment perspective. There is a need for someone to take control, and his or her role is to join all of the segments together in such a way as to engage the guests and help them transition from one stage of the proceedings to another.

If you are holding your wedding at a dedicated wedding venue, the management will appear to step into this role. You normally have the services of an event manager leading up to your wedding, and there will be a another person or Duty Manager on hand on the actual wedding day. Sounds good? Maybe not!.

In the lead up to your wedding day you will have the services of a dedicated event planner / coordinator who will be one of the venue staff. In an ideal world this person follows the process through from start to finish, however reality is often a different story. The person you planned your reception with may not be there for the entire evening. Often the venue wedding planner is either a part-time worker, or works nine to five on weekdays. She/he  may not be there on the day of your wedding. So the role of hosting is usually assumed by the Duty Manager and it might be someone you haven’t even met yet.

You should also bear in mind that duty rosters  are usually not known much before the week of your wedding, so it’s unlikely you will know who exactly is looking after you on your wedding day. Looking after you, while concentrating on their biggest responsibility, which is food and drink, can result in conflicting priorities.

Do you see where all of this heading?

A Duty Manager has divided loyalties. He/she  knows how much money you are spending on the meal and the beverages. They also know how much profit this will generate for his employer. No surprise therefore, and quite right too, that he should be pre-occupied with such things. No wonder he/she has very little time to consider any aspects of entertainment. On the contrary entertainment can be a distraction and a hindrance.

This is possibly being a little unkind to professional wedding venues and advisors. It is a sweeping statement, and I apologise to those to whom the description does not apply. They are the exception which proves the rule.

So if the idea of allowing your wedding reception to be hosted by the venue staff is looking less than appealing who else could you employ to look after your guests?

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